Sunday, August 13 2017



Sunday, August 13
Gurney’s | 8:30pm
Dir. Chris Kentis (2003)
Rated R | 89 min

OPEN WATER​ (HIFF 2003) tells the harrowing true story of a young American couple​ ​who disappear while on holiday, after an accident on a diving expedition. When distractions and carelessness on the dive boat lead to a fumbled headcount the board departs for shore, with everyone aboard unaware that two people have been left underwater. Surfacing to realize that they are stranded and adrift at least 15 miles offshore, the panicked couple floats in a desperate embrace as the hours pass, dehydration and fatigue set in, and sharks begin to circle.

While island life rages on past happy hour into twilight, the protagonists’ rational consideration of their situation and hope and faith that they will be rescued gradually give way to the mind-numbing horror of what lurks beneath the surface of the water, in the darkness all around them.

Suspensefully shot and paced such that every ripple and splash terrifies, OPEN WATER is a film about unseen horrors and the fragility and vulnerability of civilization in relation to the vastness and wild senselessness of nature.

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