Thursday, August 31 2017

Sound Meditation with Jim Owen

LongHouse Reserve, 133 Hands Creek Road, East Hampton
Unwind and transform with meditation led by Jim Owen. To be present for our lives is the greatest gift we can give ourselves. To be present means to be present physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It means to actually enjoy and know that you are enjoying eating something, wearing something, being somewhere, being with someone or a group of people. How often can you do this? How often are you present on every level and able to respond to the now?
Using sound to align ourselves to be present is the theme of this year’s LongHouse Meditation Class. Using the yoga of sound, we will practice ways of uniting with the Divine. We will learn the tools the ancient yogis used to bring the experience of the Divine into their lives. Through mantras, bhajans, japa, malas, and other tools of the seeker we will learn how to maintain our conscious contact not just on a daily basis but throughout the day. Come, join us. This is more fun than you can possibly imagine. Ecstasy is not that far away.
$20 contribution per session; $18 members
Reservations required: email to

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