By Regina Kravitz

With Memorial Day Weekend upon us, ‘it’s not too late to play catch up and jump start your summer body.

1. The Myth of the One Hour- Workout:

Many people spend an hour or more in the gym, rest too long, procrastinate and do not have good form. defeating physique results. 20 minutes cardio at a moderate pace, 20 minutes resistance training, and 10 minutes stretching are an optimal workout However, most of us are time crunched and with the weekly challenge of East end traffic and everything else we must to do to just too enjoy ourselves, we end up skimping on our workouts.

2. Micro Burst Workouts:

The HIT (High Intensity Training) method of elevating heart rate and increasing cardio while working muscles is ideal for anyone short on time, and you don’t need a lot of equipment.

3. Walk upstairs:

No matter where you live, you can tone your body with the “The Stair Crawl.” Start with 2 flights of stairs and work your way up. Eliminate escalators.

Posture is key: keep shoulders back, trunk straight, and glutes squeezed.

Additionally, walk at a fast pace wherever you go. Take advantage of the hot sneaker trend You’ll be fashionably “work out ready” wherever your day finds you.

4. Intermittent FastingShed pounds quickly

In the ever-changing world of diet methodology. Intermittent Fasting (IF) debunks the idea that you need to eat breakfast Your stomach is a powerful muscle in itself, not just the unhappy layer of fat surrounding it. The concept here is to train your body to use its own supply of stored fat as nutrition, re-set your appestat and become more familiar eating with your hunger…not your desire! (healthy individuals only)

Begin fasting after an early dinner. (hydrate copiously), Do not eat again until 12-16 hours later. Never go to sleep on a full stomach. Your metabolism slows down when you sleep, and any extra consumed calories above nutrition needs rapidly turns to fat.

When you resume eating, combine high fat natural foods, protein, and a complex carbohydrate. For example, avocados, hard boiled eggs, whole grain seed crackers, nuts, and just about anything coconut! Surround all meals with lots of leafy and cruciferous vegetables. Limit fruits and sugar-dense fruit juices, especially in a can or bottle. You may think they are healthy, but unfortunately they go straight to your stomach as triglycerides. a 1 ounce shot size of juice is good before your workout!

Basically, you now have an 8-hour span to eat what you want (wisely) and in quantity. I recommend starting slowly and doing this 3-4 days a week. With regular days in between.You will quickly get used to it and think more clearly too!

5. Plank Variations Exhaust the Core:

It is not necessary to hold a plank position for a long duration. Your objective is to achieve a “quiver.” In position, whether on extended straight arms or elbows, lift your core, squeeze your glutes, become board stiff, and aim your heels straight up. You should be on your toes with your feet at 90 degrees to the ground. This is an instant BURN! Try one leg up. Try only one arm straight out in front of you. You may last only 30 seconds a set, but your abs will cry.

This week’s motivational motto: think of exercise like a savings account. Even small amounts will earn interest.