Actress & Author Leesa Rowland and Larry Wohl Host
“Wild Wild West” Party


Hank Stampfl, Leesa Rowland, Larry Wohl, Todd Burnsed (photo credit Patrick McMullan)

Actress, Philanthropist, and Author Leesa Rowland and Larry Wohl hosted their “Wild Wild West” party at a private residence in New York City. The light-hearted party was a throwback to the old West. Guests wore their best Cowboy/Cowgirl classic saloon inspired costumes while enjoying cocktails, and dancing to live music. A beautiful sit-down dinner was served by the vegan caterer, City Roots. Fashion Designer Marc Bouwer designed Leesa’s beautiful red dress.

Leesa recently released her new book, The Charisma Factor: Unlock the Secrets of Magnetic Charm and Personal Influence in Your Life, which is available in bookstores and online.

Notable attendees include: Leesa Rowland, Larry Wohl, Hank Stampfl, Todd Burnsed, Nicole Noonan, Steven Knobel, Johan Wahlstrom, Dara Sowell, Eva Giannone, Ruth Miller, Nancy Pearson, Michael Shackett, Randi Schatz, Regina Kravitz, Caroline Lieberman, Leslie Barrett, Larry Rosenthal, Karen Jarostchuk, Bill Sclight, Cheri Kaufman, Nikki Haskell, and Katlean de Monchy.

Photo Credits: Patrick McMullan