Prestigious Global and Local Galleries Show Modern and Contemporary Art and Design


By Lori Zelenko

From the Rihanna Savage Fenty-X set designer whose vision has that extra kick of sex appeal to an artist who connects witchcraft with astrology to celebrate the power of one, there’s no end to the eye-opening art and design at Art Market Hamptons. The Fair, returning for its 12th edition, opens Thursday, August 11 (through Sunday, the 14th of August). The best in modern and contemporary work from 90 global galleries will be for sale. We hear Art Fairs out East can become a feeding frenzy, so don’t delay, plan to head on over to the Water Mill location sooner rather than later.

Dive in! The pool of talent at Art Market Hamptons is deep. Keep your cool no matter how “hot” the art is with the water-inspired work of Lynn Savarese who invites you to jump into her water-inspired images with hopes of hanging on to Summer for just a little while longer.

Showcasing exceptional work as always, the Fair has a new home: an expanded, museum-quality pavilion at Nova’s Ark Project & Sculpture Garden, the 94-acre preserve on Millstone Road in Water Mill. What better setting for this global representation of fine art than among the towering, abstract sculptures created by the park’s founder and namesake, artist Nova Mihai Popa?

Although this year’s event will feature a strong list of local Hamptons galleries, the Fair will also create new opportunities for Art Market Hamptons’ collectors to discover new galleries and artists here from prestigious destinations recognized for world-class art world talent. Visitors will also be treated to innovative work by esteemed women artists.



Photography by Lynn Savarese captures the emotional connection we have to water, is it inviting or scary? Her images, many taken in the Hamptons, let each body of water tell a story. Shown here, Bondi Blues1. (Archival inkjet pigment print face-mounted to plexiglass /41″W x 63″H)

Lynn Savarese loves water. She has traveled the world to capture water – calm or turbulent; easy waves gently lapping the shore or surf pounding in a fierce crescendo. Each image conjures an emotional reaction to the state of water, is it inviting? Do we want to dive right in? Or it is dangerous, fearsome, awe-inspiring?

From the Hamptons, the Adirondacks, and Martha’s Vineyard, to Iceland, Australia, the Caribbean, Patagonia, Europe, and Japan she has traveled the world to reveal more than the story of water alone. Her photography mesmerizes as we consider the connection between the coveted light of summer and water’s shimmering surface. Do her images tease us with an invitation? Or do they imply prohibition? Ready to dive in? Find her work at Art Market Hamptons/Lynn Savarese Photography.


Outdoor sculpture, SWIMMER by Mary Mattingly, ready for poolside installation (25 x 82 inches). Pace Car blue painted on aluminum, Edition of 5. Art Market Hamptons/Alessandro Berni Gallery, Perugia, Italy, and New York

Thinking the icy blue light-reflecting surface of Mary Mattingly’s Swimmer will perfectly complete the landscaping around your pool? You’re in sync then with this artist’s vision. Drawing on the nostalgia and whimsy of Americana, her personal history, and our collective past, she explores these ideas through whimsical sculpture (among other mediums).


Summertime? All year-round? Bring it on home with Madeline Gross’ work, Swim, 2021, Acrylic paint on archival pigment print, 16 x 24 inches. Art Market Hamptons/ Steidel Contemporary.

Now that you found the perfect poolside piece for outdoors, why not bring that aqua energy indoors? Madeleine Gross then is the perfect artist to bring vital, positive, summertime year-round energy into your home. Her reality comes alive through textured layers of color implying realistic movement…Rippled water from a jet ski, ocean waves, the fresh beach breeze…a warm and bright color palette applied through a few happy strokes of her paintbrush.


Bobbie Moline-Kramer’s mixed media paintings celebrate the power of one – how one person (among them Ruth Bader Ginsberg shown here) can change the world. Find this bewitching work at Cross Contemporary Art Projects during Art Market Hamptons. (24” x 24” oil and gold leaf)

It’s impossible not to gravitate to Bobbie Moline-Kramer’s mixed-media star chart paintings. Being in the orbit of her individual portraits reveals the power of one: Tremendously compelling individuals whose wide-ranging positive impact changed the course of history. Among her subjects, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Jesus, Stacy Abrams, Greta Thunberg, and John F. Kennedy. As the artist explains, “The concept of this body of work is twofold: the wonder of our world, the power of one person to change that world.” Moline-Kramer beautifully integrates astrology and witchcraft, showing us the synergy between the science of facts and the belief in legends and symbols.


Velvet-framed biomorphic mirrors are more than fun house freaky, they’re whimsical, magical works of art by Brandi Howe. Her sought-after aesthetic has graced the shows for Rihanna Savage X Fenty and The Rolling Stones, to name only a few of her creative collaborations. Art Market Hamptons/Tuleste Factory Chelsea

Brandi Howe’s hyper-charged aesthetic has earned her a star-studded resumé: Set design for Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty, Wonderland, Rolling Stones, and The Webster, as well as collaborations with Chrome Hearts, among others. Her colorful, bold, yet elegant point of view is fueled by a love of fantasy and fashion. Existing in playful, surreal, elevated spaces, her work functions as whimsical magic.


As perfectly staged as if in a film, Aline Oluckman shows us “inner/outer landscapes…where body and nature meet.” Cinematic in intent, her painting, Oasis Poolside, is at Art Market Hamptons in Galerie l’Atelier, Paris, Greenwich, New York. (oil and collage on canvas, 40in x 47in)

Ayline Oluckman sees movement as if it were staged, like in a movie. Originally from Strasbourg, France, her travels all over the world – Japan, China, Argentina, the West Coast of America (San Francisco), Canada (Vancouver), Thailand, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka – inspire her. She feels the “permanent call of elsewhere pushes her in the emergency of living” as she mixes fiction with autobiography.


Is there a unifying theme to the work of the women artists has selected? Well, true blue predominates as does water and summer,

Summing up what Hamptons summer is all about is Magdalena Laskowska’s painting, Playtime by The Pool. Art Market Hamptons/Contempop Gallery, Tel Aviv, New York

Through their self-expression, these artists invite us in to explore the world as they see it, distinctively from a woman’s point of view. Is it in ruins? Turbulent? Spellbinding? Or Sunny and Welcoming? Real or Unreal? Near or Far? Only a visit to Art Market Hamptons will let you ponder their ideas in person


Morgan Hobbs, Worth & Weight, created “ruins” from recycled materials, a provocative commentary on our times. The work is presented at Hamptons Art Market by VSOP Projects.


Art Market Hamptons opening preview is Thursday, August 11, from 6 to 9 p.m. Serious collectors would do well to attend the opening, we hear the best work gets sold quickly.

Public hours are Friday and Saturday, August 12 and 13, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Sunday, August 14, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. For tickets or details about the 2022 Art Market Hamptons, visit now located at Nova’s Ark Project and Sculpture Park at 206 Millstone Road in Water Mill.