Nicole Miller with her signature rosé, her favorite wine for summer entertaining at her Sag Harbor home.

By Lori Zelenko is celebrating rosé season with designer Nicole Miller. Together we’re toasting to the joys of summer with her delicious organic rosé wine.

 Nicole Miller discovered her love of wine in childhood, being half French wine at the dinner table was a natural part of her life. Her affection for rosé however turned to passion during her school year in Paris. Later on, it was summer vacations in St Tropez, long lunches, beach club parties, and then time in St Barts that spurred her desire. “It was all so magical, and a chilled rosé was always on hand,” Nicole shares.

Not every designer of such sophisticated silhouettes gives in to the temptation to bottle their own vintage, no matter how much they love rosé but for Nicole launching her wine was simply a natural step forward. After all, she explains, Nicole Miller is essentially a lifestyle brand so what better extension than wine?

But what comes naturally, doesn’t necessarily come easy, thrilled though Nicole was to have the opportunity to launch her own rosé, she admits it took many tastings to get to the final product, a wine that makes her proud. “I trust my own tasting acumen, but I trust my vintner’s even more.”

Always one to follow a path of creative individuality, Nicole chose to make her rosé in Bordeaux, in contrast to Provence where roses are typically blended. Why? “As a Francophile and a wine lover, I fell in love with the area years ago. I was impressed to learn how the great Chateaux from Bordeaux were able to produce such incredible rosés.” But she did not come to her decision without thorough research, “I’ve traveled around Provence as well and visited many vineyards. I found this rosé far superior.”

Bordeaux-blended, Nicole Miller’s rose is light but luscious. Enjoy a glass at Le Bilbouquet in Sag Harbor.

Superior it is as Nicole choose the number one rosé from Bordeaux: Château Auguste, grown with 100% organic grapes so that flavor is never compromised. This pure and vegan rosé has the depth and versatility to be enjoyed year-round, bringing the “joie de vivre” Nicole emanates to a casual beach get together or a formal holiday dinner. It is available throughout the Hamptons at about $20 a bottle.

A blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and just a touch of Cabernet Franc, Nicole’s wine is vibrant. Take a whiff, have a sip and you’re imbibing the essence of strawberries, raspberries, and red currants. The tangy red berry flavors and bracing minerality bring a freshness that’s delightfully surprising, a depth of flavor that makes this rosé a wonderful partner as an aperitif or a dinner companion. Perhaps the beauty and complexity of this rosé is not really a surprise as Nicole’s vintner is Damien Landouar, the famous French winemaker from Château Gaby in the Canon-Fronsac appellation. No doubt as she says, “my rosé is in good hands!”

Having her own rosé is a dream come true for Nicole who joyfully serves her wine to guests at home in Sag Harbor acknowledging that though rosé may be popular, even viral, she says, hers is a keeper, as modern and appealing as her designs and intended to have equal longevity. Like a proud parent she extolls the virtues of her ‘baby,’ this rosé, she says as we raise a glass, is “dry and aromatic, luscious but light.” Cheers!

You will find Nicole’s refreshing rosé out East at Le Bilboquet’s outpost in Sag Harbor and at Baron’s Cove among other locales.