By Katlean de Monchy

It was a rare night – a very serious subject – Cancer. Yet the happiness and joy extended to all guests did make it a happening.

Guests and others have a belief that if anyone will find the cure for the scourge called cancer it will be Dr. Samuel Waxman.

The evening was filled with entertainment, food inspired by Italy, and inspiring stories. The setting was the beautiful grounds of hosts Maria and Ken Fishel in Bridgehampton.

The Master of Ceremonies was CBS news anchor Chris Wragge. Chris is passionate about the Waxman efforts and lets people know it. But the star of the evening always is Dr. Waxman who while soft spoken is a believer that cancer can and will be conquered. He makes you believe that too!

After a cocktail schmooze period, the guests were ushered into a auditorium to hear some of of the music and then Chris Wragge opened the festivities.

Dr. Waxman outlined his unique approach to finding a cure or workable treatment. From a lay perspective, he wants the cancers to not return after the first incidence. and there is a first drug being tested for Triple Negative Breast Cancer, and is promising, met by major applause from the audience, as did work on a rare Leukemia which had a 100% fatality rate and now a 95% survival rate.

Then Dr. Waxman introduced singer Call Bevier who is not only a exciting performer, she is an Ovarian Cancer survivor. Her songs also spoke to the fight and survival from cancer.

After introductions was a lively live auction where trips and group dinners went for $5000 – $10,000. The group was hungry and the setup of the eats was very well planned. No lines just walk around and taste. The food was blended with music from the Cold Spring Harbor band with a Billy Joel tribute.

I got to chat with one of the honorees fashion designer Nicole Miller and met the other honorees. It was a winning event but the win we want most is for Dr. Waxman to say “we did it!” and happenings will just be celebrations.