Kacy Duke Trainer to the stars - Michelangelo when it comes to Body Sculpting says Lenny Kravitz

We asked celebrity trainer Kacy Duke some healthy tips (she’s been dubbed the Michelangelo of Fitness by Lenny Kravitz so we know she knows what sculpting re ally means!) Exercise is half the battle when it comes to getting bikini-ready. The other half is eating right so take advantage of farmstand fruits and try Kacy’s tips to jazz them up a little.

First of all, she reminds us that Watermelon revs up your immune system and helps retain calcium in the body, leading to stronger bones and joints. A healthy investment then this farmstand favorite. Juicy and delicious though Watermelon is on its own, Kacy adds a kick: a pinch of Cayenne to spice up this fab fruit. Of course, to add zest, just a squeeze of lemon or lime will do, she says. But for cooling refreshment? Chopped mint leaves are a must. Snack, dessert or anything in between, we’re on board with Kacy here.

Watermelon a Kacy Duke favorite especially when spiced up with a dash of Cayenne.


An Evolution Not a Revolution: Fitness Kacy’s Way

As Kacy puts it, “Remember it’s an evolution not a revolution.” A bikini-ready body will come about when you evolve a routine that works for you – and stick to it. Her mantra? “Show it love: Honor, appreciate and care for your body, mind and spirit as one.” How? To make a big difference, she says it takes “small changes in How you THINK(forgive yourself and celebrate the body you have). How you MOVE(commit to being a little more active remember, Movement is a Privilege). How you EAT (try adding more green and lean to your meals. You know what needs to go, be brave and try new things.) Small changes can bring big lasting results, and in no time, you’re in the game! Commit to get started!” Up for making that commitment? Find more info on www.kacydukefitness.com or follow kacyduke on Instagram.

Kacy Duke’s favorite meal? Grilled wild salmon on a bed of arugula, avocado and pomegranate. Anti-oxidant rich and age-defying to boot.