Sexy, vibrant South American swimwear sensation
Brings the beauty of the rainforest to the beach
Introducing Aguaclara all in the “Spirit of Nature”

By Marisol Tudela Blondet

Surf’s up and sexy swimwear rules, from Ditch Plains and Sagg Main to the pool at Topping Rose, we asked around to learn what’s turning heads this season?  The style that sizzles is fresh from South America: Introducing Aguaclara.  The line’s brother-sister designing duo, Lilliana and Jorge Villalobos, turn to the rainforest for inspiration for their brilliantly-patterned triangle-top bikinis, cut-out maillots and retro-glam two-piece suits. Plus, there’s a men’s collection too with, as Liliana puts it, “Bohemian” appeal. Find a look that you love? Shop for Aguaclara in the Hamptons exclusively here

Rooted in the Amazon though Aguaclara may be, the looks are far from out of place by the Atlantic’s edge. We caught up with Lilliana to get a glimpse into her glamorous beach lifestyle collection that’s making waves in the Hamptons.

EH: How did it all begin for you?

LV:  “We cut our first pieces on the ping pong table in my parents’ basement. When we started out, more than twenty years ago now, Peru was having a terrible economic crisis and imports were banned. The only way chic women could get a sexy swimsuit then was basically black market, people selling bikinis from Brazil out of a suitcase. Our first collection sold out and we’ve proud today to see that Aguaclara has a following from Singapore to St. Barths – all over the world in fact. This Summer, we’re hoping the Hamptons will love us too.”

EH: What’s Aguaclara all about?

LV: “The spirit of nature. For me with Aguaclara it’s about balancing femininity with audacity and sensuality with elegance. There is a feeling of gracious movement to our pieces; the cover-ups flow beautifully, not just the sheer silk but the patterns too.”

EH: Tell us what you’re feeling with the 2018 collection?

LV:  “I believe it seduces and surprises the spirit…deep blues, enigmatic reds, golden yellows, exotic greens…I mix them all together to make a multicolored explosion of  ‘azulejos del alma.’ I see these colors as touching the very corners of the soul. The fabrics I select give an ethereal style to the collection which is just as alluring and sophisticated at the beach as it is at a party.”

EH: You’re launching in the Hamptons now but what’s next?

LV: “I love to travel and I find inspiration everywhere I go. A chic, glamorous gypsy look always fascinates me. And romantic, provocative off-the-shoulder silhouettes that accentuate the sensuality of the feminine décolletage this too is a look I love.

The brilliance of the cultures I discover in all corners of the world can’t help but infiltrate my collections. So, what’s next for me? I am looking forward to discovering a Hamptons sensibility.”

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