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Living Off Land And Sea

Farmers and fishermen came across Long Island Sound to found East Hampton in 1648. They came in search of a way to make a living from the land and sea. Early East Hampton was as much ruled by righteous, religious leaders as Massachusetts was by the Puritans. Witches and witchcraft trials did prevail for a time several hundred years ago but such a culture of fear was never deeply entrenched. Until the beginning of the 20th century, farming and fishing were the livelihood for most; but the town, but rural and remote, began to earn a reputation as a refuge from urban life and soon attracted wealthy families, artists, and writers.

Early Settlers Rule…

East Hampton’s extraordinary historical heritage could easily serve as a wonderful history lesson with figures like King Charles I whose historically prominence left a legacy. Life in the Village has become tabloid fodder, less a geographic location than a state of mind.

Home to some families that can trace their lineage back 10-12 generations or even more, the location of  the village of Maidstone in the North of The County Of Kent, it is also the backyard of New York’s (and lately, Hollywood’s) business, media, and entertainment heavyweights.

Clinton Academy

…Home to Movers and Shakers

Home to many of America’s movers and shakers whose iron wills and powerful egos frequently skirmish and the land under the waterways in the town. The Trustees hold their title by virtue of a land patent from a colonial governor (Dongan) predating the existence of the State of New York. The patent perhaps surprisingly has been upheld repeatedly by the courts of New York despite the centuries that have passed. Just one more quirky holdover from the days where the laws of the British courts ruled.

Year-Round Paradise

There is no doubt that for the casual vacationer, the Village of East Hampton is paradise. A carefree atmosphere, a quaint New England feeling to the village and farmland, some of the most pristine beaches on earth, exceptional restaurants, vibrant nightlife, great shopping and antiquing, in other words, all the makings of the ultimate vacation.

Today East Hampton has become a hot spot. The summer getaway of choice is a magnet globally for top talent – writers and artists of great renown gravitate – as do the Hollywood elite and the powerbrokers of the world’s financial communities. But the charm of this Village holds even during the Fall and Winter months when the foliage mellows into golden hues or snow tops the dunes. Year-round it is attractive to artists and writers who crave solitude as inspiration for their work. In fact, some artists swear by East Hampton as the ultimate creative haven, a sanctuary imbued with unique light – a shimmering dancing aura created by the atmosphere surrounding the woods and ocean.

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