Miss Amelias Cottage


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Miss Amelias Cottage

Miss Amelia’s Cottage

Built in 1725, this cottage stands on the property owned by the founders of Amagansett, A/paham and Jacob Schellinger.

Located on Main Street, it houses the Museum with Colonial furnishings and a rare Dominy clock. On the rear of the property is the Roy K. Lester Carriage Museum.

Both museums are operated by the Amagansett Historical Association.

Marine Museum

Marine Museum

Overlooking the ocean on Bluff Road in Amagansett, the Marine Museum reveals the history of whaling and fishing on Eastem Long Island.

Extensive exhibits feature whaling artifacts donated by local families and dioramas of the various fishing techniques unique to this area.

Outside, children can even climb on the “jungle-gym” trawler. Programs at this Museum are administered by the East Hampton Historical Society.

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