Beauty Tech at CES 2024

Katlean de Monchy —

⁦Attending CES is akin to going into a candy store for those of us who enjoy seeing next generation consumer electronic products.  This year we saw an influx of products targeted to making us live our best lives as beautifully as possible.  Since I am a visual person, I was eager to learn about the  Glotech LED Mask from LED Esthetics. The mask emits red or near infrared light to help heal skin and reduce wrinkles, or blue light to deal with skin infections or acne.  The mask is easy to put on and fits comfortably. The fact that it is portable is great for those who vacation or go on business trips. It means you can continue your skin routine while traveling.
If you like to keep things comfortable and you don’t want to have needles, or filler, or surgery this is a good choice. Compared to what it would cost to go see a cosmetic dermatologist for a photofacial at $600 a pop, the cost for the Glotech Mask Pro (around $600) is a bargain.
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