Come Aboard the Arabella, Sept 3

Katlean de Monchy —

While others may have spent the day straining to see horses jump over fences … over the heads of other. Or lugging their hampers, beach chairs, umbrellas, towels and magazines back from a patch of sand. Or making their way along a mosquito-infested path to a friend’s backyard cookout.

The Arabella

Why not buy a ticket — $500 a person — to get onboard the Arabella, a classic 160-foot sailing yacht,  leaving at 5pm from 1 Long Wharf in Sag Harbor. It’s for a good cause. And there is space for only 80 guests.

A good share of the proceeds go to the East Hampton Village Foundation. You will be forgiven if you have not heard about it. It was started two years ago, by Mayor Jerry Larsen, to support public events, environmental and public works on Village properties, open spaces and historical structures, all in East Hampton Village. Not the Town, the Village.

One of the East Hampton Village Foundation’s causes.

If that is not worth throwing $500 into the pot, I don’t know what is. Besides, wouldn’t it be nice to let someone else do the work while you enjoy yourself? (Isn’t that what Labor Day Weekend is about? Just a thought.)

The refreshments will include savory bites, tequila (which seems to be the drink of this Hamptons summer), and Channé Rosé.

And it’s not just a sunset sail to Gardiner’s Island and back, ending at 9pm. There is more. DJ Chris Bachmann will be onboard for those who want to dance. (You know him from East Hampton Point and Calissa.

To book a ticket and join me onboard go here.


Note: An earlier version of this story had incorrect information supplied by a researcher. There will not be a wildlife/veterinarian onboard to speak to passengers for this cruise. We regret this error.