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LongHouse Reserve is hosting Art Foray, an art scavenger hunt that culminates on October 31.

Local artists have hidden their work around the 16-acre sculpture garden (in trees, shrubs, and other spots) to be found, photographed, and tagged by participants. Lucky players will get to keep the art they’ve discovered.


How to play:

Step 1) Go to LongHouse Reserve and pick up a free game guide. The guide identifies all the hidden art and provides photographic clues to its general location.


Step 2) Once a piece is found, take a picture of it and tag the artists name and #longhouseartforay on Instagram or Facebook. This automatically enters you for a chance to win the art you’ve discovered. Do not take or move the art. 

If you don’t use social media, take a picture of the work and send us an email at info@longhouse.org with your contact details. You’ll be entered into the drawing.


Step 3) #artforay at LongHouse Reserve comes to a close on Saturday, October 31 at 4:30PM. Eligible winners will be drawn from a hat and notified. 




Participating artists include: 

Brianna Ashe (@bmash)

Scott Bluedorn (@theo_blue)

Rossa Cole (@RossaColeArt)

Conrad DeKwiatkowski (@conradeartist)

Fitzhugh Karol (@Fitzchugh_Karol(

Laurie Lambrecht (LaurieLambrechtStudio)

Mica Marder (@mpelagica)

Alexander Perez (@30SecondsofStarless)

Almond Zigmund (@saintsquid)


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