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“Keeping History Alive” on the Lawn of the Custom House 192 Main Street
Saturday, July 1, 2023 | 5:00-7:00 p.m.

“Keeping History Alive” is the theme for the Museum’s 2023 fundraising event.

One might say that the Museum’s mission is “Keeping History Alive”, if it were to be articulated in only three words; but, the Museum is not the only one contributing to this endeavor. This year the Sag Harbor Historical Museum is proud to be honoring three Main Street business icons and the visionaries who created them. These individuals and families have not only protected Sag Harbor’s history but they each have contributed to the village’s history over the last 50 years.

Ted Conklin of The American Hotel
Nada Barry & Gwen Waddington of the Wharf Shop
Roseann Bucking & Lisa Field of the Sag Harbor Variety Store

These individuals have steadfastly operated with a passionate commitment to the Sag Harbor community, to the families and friends that comprise or visit it, and to the vision they each had for the business and how it would fit into our community.

Over the 50 years they have operated, they have weathered all of the economic ups and downs and come out the other side unchanged, and even more committed to their vision and uncompromising in their values. As many lament the “passing of the old fashioned Main Street”, Sag Harbor and these businesses have remained committed to it and have fiercely protected it. Sag Harbor’s Main Street is not a cookie cutter of so many these days, having only specialty stores and designer boutiques. We have these three unique, family-owned Main Street businesses, the likes of which cannot be found any where else. We praise them for their contribution to keeping Sag Harbor’s alive for the past 50 years.

Please join us in celebrating these three history-making business establishments and their founders, and help us in our continuing efforts “Keeping History Alive”.
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