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Nature is a balm. It calms, heals, and rejuvenates us. According to recent studies, just seeing a bird or listening to its song improves mental well-being, while a walk in the woods alleviates stress and lowers blood pressure. Plants help us breathe, and their beauty inspires and delights us. At LongHouse, we are newly dedicated to programs that explore this vital connection between human and plant wellness. We’ve teamed up with Perfect Earth Project, an organization dedicated to educating and engaging people in sustainable, toxic-free gardening practices, for a day of health and wellness.

Join us for a day of health at LongHouse. Enjoy yoga and meditation, wander in our chemical-free garden, and learn about the simple ways you can cultivate your own vibrant and beautiful one at home. Enjoy a colorful plant-based lunch. Listen to scientists share their fascinating research on how spending time in nature has proven beneficial effects on our health and well-being.

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