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The 7th Annual NY Women’s Surf Film Festival is presented by Lava Girl Surf and CLIF Bar & Company®

NY Women’s Surf Film Festival, is a free, two night outdoor event– held over two weekends in New York’s landmark surf communities, Rockaway Beach, Queens and Montauk, Long Island. This festival brings together the global surf community for a special event focused on women in surfing and film making.

The festival showcases diverse styles of story-telling, from established and emerging directors, producers, and filmmakers. This year, stories span the globe and feature films come from the United States, Canada, Jamaica, Indonesia, Spain, Mexico, and Norway. For the seventh annual festival, the selections highlights the inspiring lives of female surfers, their unique journeys, passions and their connection to the ocean.

Taylor Slater will be our exhibiting artist in Montauk . Taylor Slater’s multi-medium artwork is constantly being inspired by nature and the emotions it evokes within people. Slater’s main goal is to emulate nature’s messages through her paintings and she hopes her artwork will inspire others toward joining the fight against plastic pollution.THE PINK COAST is an exact replica of a place that I wish I could visit but never have. It is a coast filled with pink sunsets and pink sand beaches. Sunsets have the sheer power to stop life for a moment and embody the power to take you back to an utterly romantic point in time.

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