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This program uses the experiences of four female journalists covering the Middle East – Christiane Amanpour, Lara Logan, Marie Colvin, and Lynsey Addario – to highlight significant issues confronting journalists today.

Some may assume that war journalists enter into combat zones because of bravado or an addiction to adrenaline.  But for these women, covering war is a moral imperative.  They push themselves into the eye of war so that they can be on the frontlines of history – to bear witness to events as they unfold and to report back so that the public may have a better understanding of the world.  As in all wars, this comes with grave risks but women face an additional peril – that of being sexually assaulted, an issue once taboo to talk about but now front and center for women journalists covering conflict in the Middle East.  These risks and the efforts to mitigate them will also be part of our discussion.

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