It is right on the water, although there isn’t a beach. The property is at 70 Cobb Lane on Burnett Creek, which leads to Mecox Bay. You can paddleboard to the beach. Meanwhile, why leave home? This gazillionaire’s castle includes a 750-gallon shark tank. (We’re not kidding.)

That’s the 750-gallon shark tank. Small sharks only.


There are two basketball half-courts, one indoors, one outdoors. Pools, again indoor and outdoor. Of course there is a move theater, with seating for 14. A candy wall. There is a wine cellar with 350 bottles. (Conditions apply.) What else? An office, in case you need to squeeze in some work.

70 Cobb Lane, foreground; behind it, 71 Cobb Lane

After doing a little office work, it might be time for a work-out in the professional gym, then a trip to the massage room. Practice your skills on the two-lane bowling alley. Invite your friends. There’s room!  The 28,000-square-foot extravaganza, built to look like a French castle, with hedges and sculpted greenery to match, has 11 bedrooms, 14 full baths and 6 half baths. It sits on nine highly manicured acres.

The sale was recognized as the fourth biggest single-family residential sale recorded in 2022, which was when it was reported. But Karp did not want to keep the properties, and developer that he was he apparently found out that he could not put condos there.

Karp put 70 Cobb Lane, and 71 Cobb Lane — closer to Mecox Bay,  without a shark tank, less pretentious architecture, but with a tennis court — up for sale in April, both priced at $59, million. In this slightly tighter real estate market, faced with no buyers, Karp decided to rent out 70 Cobb Lane.

Any takers?

— Linda Lee

Linda Lee is a former reporter and editor for The New York Times.