You could try to call it an annual gala, but the Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor hasn’t had an annual gala in four years! They are making up for it now. And there are still tickets left, at $750 per to honor Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick and Julie Andrews. Only one of them is not married to the other.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Did you ever wonder why small theaters have only 299 seats, as the Bay Street Theater does? It isn’t that it is the limit for Off-Broadway, although it is, by default. Having less than 300 seats means one set of rules for fire codes and emergency exits, bathrooms, lighting and building codes. Have one more seat in the theater, and an entire different set of codes kicks in.

Just to be safe, theaters always stop at 299.

In case you were wondering.

Now, to the gala. No worries about a limit of 299. Yes, the theater has a limit of 299 seats, but people will not be sitting down. The invitation is for a rather theatrical event starting at 6:30. The invitation says: “You’ll wander and mingle and drink and dine with the folks you really want to see.”

They seem to know who that is.

Perhaps Isaac Mizrahi, who is doing the live auction? Or Mike Birbiglia, who will be coming to the theater later this month? Maybe some of those actors in the current production of “Dial M for Murder” like Eddie Gutierrez or Gina Milo or Cait Crowley?

There will be eats and drinks. There will be small tables and some chairs, we are sure. On the stage itself, backstage, in the lobby. There will be a musical tribute. A singalong. Dancing. You know theater people.

The idea is that you will be free to make yourself comfortable anywhere in this converted WWII munitions building. Now home to Sag Harbor’s lively year-round theater scene.

And it’s not just the nightly theater products. Money from this gala goes to support Bay Street Theater’s educational projects, which are many. Week-long kids camps begin July 17, one for children 9-12 in improv ($450) the other for children 7 to 9 in storytelling ($450).

And so many more projects throughout the year.