When two blondes get together to throw a party in the Hamptons, there has got to be a crowd. And there was, at El Turco, Some 200 guests gathered to celebrate the joint birthdays of the entrepreneur and author Ruth Katz and Katlean de Monchy, publisher of easthampton.com. There was music by the vocalist Xandra K and the saxophone player Scott Kreitzer. Between their songs, DJ Lee Kalt rocked the house.

Katlean de Monchy and Ruth Katz (Photo by David Warren /Sipa USA)

Ruth Katz was also celebrating her book “I Hungry,” which will be published on August 1. The subtitle is “The secrets to making food healthy and fun for parents and children.”

Ruth Katz and Cagri Kanver, the real estate developer and an owner of El Turco. (Photo by David Warren /Sipa USA)

One of the guests, Jane Scher, had just returned from Paris, where her daughter, Libbie Mugrabi, had a fashion show launching her line l’Scher. Libbie Mugrabi is the ex-wife of the billionaire art dealer David Mugrabi, known for his collection of Andy Warhols. The l’Scher show on July 7 featured the model Tyson Beckford, streetwear, bathing suits and $50,000-worth of diamonds.

At the Libbie Mugrabi l’Scher show: where some of the diamonds went, with a silk camel toe.

Other guests at the party included friends of both birthday ladies: the designer Tracy Turco, who has a young daughter and rarely goes out a night these days;  the actress Julianne Michelle, who has started a foundation called Mommy’s Heart; Ann Cutbill Lenane; the New York-based photographer Luciana Pampalone; the artist Ron Burkhardt; Michael Zieger; the reality TV personality Barbara Kavovit; the Mexican sculptor Enrique Cabrera, and the fashion designer Jessica Sagetto.

Tracy Turco, Katlean de Monchy, Luciana Pampalone (Photo by David Warren /Sipa USA)


Josephine de Moura, Katlean de Monchy and Ruth Miller (Photo David Warren /Sipa​ USA)


Lieba Nesis (Photo David Warren /Sipa USA)

Katlean de Monchy and the actress Julianne Michelle

Also in attendance were the social commentator Lieba Nesis, Josephine de Moura, Ruth Miller, Lisa Konsecler and Alan Dalton.

Ruth Katz, Barbara Kavovit, Ann Cutbill Lenane (Photo David Warren /Sipa USA)


The dashing Cagri Kanver, a real estate developer and one of the founders of El Turco, was on site. The birthday party went on late into the night.

— Linda Lee

Linda Lee is a former writer and editor at The New York Times.