By Katlean de Monchy —

Entertaining expert Pamela Morgan, of the “Flirting with Flavors” blog, produced her annual start-of-summer celebration with her husband, Michael Trokel, at their home in Watermill this past weekend. Displaying her design savvy and culinary expertise as chef and cookbook author, she brought joy her friends.

Pamela Morgan, Michael Trokel, Katlean de Monchy, Michael Zieger (photo by Rob Rich/}

That, despite the fact that it had been raining most of the day.

Sara Shala, Marion Waxman, Erika Katz (photo by Rob Rich/

Ramona Singer and her friend Bill  (photo by Rob Rich/

Debra Feldman, Ramona Singer’s friend Bill, Ramona Singer, Christina Greenfield (photo by Rob Rich/

Katlean de Monchy, Lauren Day Roberts (photo by Rob Rich/

When I asked Pamela the theme of her party, she replied: “Just friends old and new celebrating summer.” Her invitation promised oysters and a sunset.

(photo by Rob Rich/

There was no sun, so no sunset, but there were plenty of oysters.

And there were plenty of smiles from the friends who came to celebrate the beginning of summer, an event produced by Revel Rouge.

Diane and Alan Lieberman  (photo by Rob Rich/

Guests were talking about summer plans. The chocolatier Maribel Lieberman is working on a new book and will be in Provence and then in Spain cooking up a storm for her “Beyond Chocolate” series. Ramona Singer, who was in stilettos so high, looked amazing with her new beau, Bill. Just Bill.

Robin Cofer and Maribel Lieberman (photo by Rob Rich/ 

The designer Tracy Turco looked radiant and happy with her hubby, the developer Jerry Turco, and baby and new Palm Beach home.

Tracy Turco and the designer Harrison Morgan  (photo by Rob Rich/ 

Real estate mavens were comparing notes and talking about prices adjusting, but we all know with prices doubling these past three years there is only so much time before the new reality hits.

 Suzan and Jerry Kremer and Dr. Georgia Witkin (photo by Rob Rich/

Pamela has a contagious smile and an upbeat personality that puts everyone at ease, and the Texas charmer knows her food and how to party.

Julie Bluestone (photo by Rob Rich/

If you want to learn to become the cool and confident host you aspire to be, head to her website.

Kim Taipale and Nicole Miller (photo by Rob Rich/

I promise you’ll learn a thing or two.