Katlean de Monchy–

Friends of El Museo del Barrio congregated at the Bridgehampton home of Maria Fishel and Ken Fishel for a cocktail evening to celebrate the museum’s forthcoming Annual Gala. It will take place September 7 and honor the Cuban-American artist Coco Fusco and the Beckmann family, makers of tequila in Mexico, including Jose Cuervo.  The evening will be a celebration of the honorees’ contributions to the arts and the announcement of the inaugural Maestro Dobel Latinx Art Prize winner. Maestro Dobel is a new Beckmann tequila.

The invitations were colorful. They said to dress in “tropical prints.” When we arrived, we experienced an authentic Latin orchestra and party design by Preston Bailey. Preston Bailey usually comes to the Hamptons for events at the Rennerts, so this evening was going to be special!

When it was over, I gave it a 10.

We were met with warm smiles the minutes we walked down the steps at the Fishels’ estate, Maria Fishel looked glamorous in a tropical floral gown by Johanna Ortiz, and Ken had on a jaunty hat. Women took their clue from the invitation and wore fantastically colored prints.

Maria Fishel (Photo Society Allure / Rob Rich).


Guests were met at the pool with cocktails by  Maestro Dobel Tequila.  It is a 100 percent blue agave tequila made in Jalisco. The delicious tequila was being poured liberally and combined creatively at the party

Hearther Norgard, Maria Fishel, Antoneta Landa (Photo Society Allure / Rob Rich)

The drinks were served elegantly on silver platters. They were colorful, and added to the festive vibe. Inside the tent the visuals continued to dazzle: from the dance floor and bar, awash in more blue, yellow and vibrant warm colors, to the beautiful lighting that made all the ladies look glamorous. Tables were colorful as well, and there was no place cards. Seating was at liberty.

(Photo Society Allure / Rob Rich)

Classic Latin dishes included a delicious steak, served by skilled waiters, who made the evening a delight. Service was perfect.  The minute we finished, a waiter removed the plate, as if we were in a five-star restaurant. Kudos to the them for the most impeccable service I have ever experienced in the Hamptons., And I go to a lot of events.

Alexandra and Bradley Fishel (Photo Society Allure / Rob Rich)

Ken Fishel was ebullient as he took his wife, Maria, to the dance floor. He was soon joined by the newlyweds Bradley and Alexandra Fishel, and the other guests.

(Photo Society Allure / Rob Rich)

Preston Bailey stayed throughout, keeping an eye on his creation and smiling. Patrick Charpenel, the executive director of the Museo del Barrio, was graceful in his remarks. Antonieta Landa, the event manager for El Museo was in attendance along with members of the museum’s board of directors. Maria Eugenia Maury, the head of the board, came with her husband, the celebrated researcher Dr. William Haseltine. The philanthropist Karla Harwich, a trustee, was there and so was Heather Norgard, the Museum’s Director of Development.

Ken and Maria Fishel; Patrick Charpenel, head of El Museo; Dr. William Haseltine and his wife, Maria Eugenia Maury;  Karla and Peter Harwich (Photo Credit: Society Allure / Rob Rich)

Leesa Rowland (Photo Society Allure / Rob Rich)

Also in attendance were plenty of familiar Hamptons personalities: Ramona Singer, Tracey Turco. Wendy Federman, Elena Gibbs, Sylvia Hemmingway, Alie Mitchell, Cheri Kaufman, Bill Schlight, Jennifer Miller, Leesa Rowland, Larry Wohl, Randi Schatz, Assembly Member Rebecca A. Seawright, Cameron Silver, Bill Kent, David Weiner, Elizabeth Steimberg, Jonathan Marder, and Jean Shafiroff.

Lauren Roberts, Robin Cofer, Katlean de Monchy, Josephine De Moura, Maria Fishel, Maria Elena Christiansen, Ruth Miller, Randi Scharz, Jacqueline Stahl (Photo Society Allure / Rob Rich)

Peopled danced until midnight. They had genuine fun for a good cause.

El Museo del Barrio is at 104th Street and Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.