It’s a special experience visiting LongHouse Reserve in East Hampton, the 16-acre sculpture garden owned by Jack Lenor Larsen, a renowned textile designer, author and art collector, who shares his garden with the public.

On Saturday evening LongHouse honored Brooklyn for the courage to be inventive and nonconformist. The color theme for the event, the grounds and the dress code was blue. LongHouse Reserve in East Hampton inspires culture in art, gardens, music and programs. You can feel, touch, smell this when you enter the Reserve, which fulfilled the dream of founder Jack Lenor Larsen. Mr. Larsen was there but his advanced age kept him remote. The patrons of the Longhouse Reserve are the creatives and the wealthy, and in many cases those with creativity and the ability to feed those juices.

The honorees were Dustin Yellin a visual artist living in Brooklyn. Mr. Yellin founded Pioneer Works in Red Hook which encourages art and creates a community of aspiring thinkers and doers.The co-honoree was Joseph V Melillo the Executive Producer of BAM. He has pushed the bar on performing arts.

I suggest you visit Longhouse specially when they are doing a program and tell me if your senses are aroused just being there!