Summer in East Hampton is the perfect time to enjoy the beaches and the new shops and restaurants.  There is Mediterranean dining at Talya in Montauk or El Turco in East Hampton. Shopping at the reopened Prada and Chanel and shopping at Gorjana for jewelry in Southampton. To focus body and mind there are Tracy Anderson wellness classes in Sag Harbor and the new AIREM medical spa at Topping Rose House in Bridgehampton.

But to enjoy your trip to the Hamptons to the fullest, you there are five must-haves.

Beach Attire: Embrace Coastal Chic

Lambskin clutch with chain, $4,100

East Hampton embodies a casual yet sophisticated beach style with breathable fabrics and light colors. If you’re unsure where to start, you can’t go wrong with swimwear and colorful coverups from Chanel’s seasonal boutique. It reopened in the house at 26 Newtown Lane for the summer, so don’t hesitate to start your vacation with a well-deserved shopping spree, which might include one of Chanel’s iconic bags.

Sunglasses: Shield Your Eyes in Style

East Hampton means hot, sunny weather, with average temperatures ranging from 70°F to 85°F. To protect your eyes, your Oakley sunglasses provide 100 percent UV protection. If you participate in water sports, bring along a pair of their stylish Holbrook or Radar frames with Prizm lens technology, which improve color and contrast. For a regular day shopping or having lunch, however, you can follow in Kate Hudson’s footsteps with aviator sunglasses from Versace, which she donned while visiting the Hamptons with her friend Gwyneth Paltrow last year.

Sunscreen: Protect Your Skin

While enjoying the white sand of Main Beach or out at the windy end of the island, at Montauk, it’s essential to protect yourself from the sun. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. A tip: Sweat Cosmetics Mineral Foundation SPF 30+ combines sunscreen and powder foundation in a face-friendly formula, and it’s available in five shades.

Remember to reapply sunscreen every two hours, especially after swimming or a sweaty jog.

Picnic Supplies: Indulge in Outdoor Dining

The Longhouse Reserve

East Hampton offers settings that are perfect for a picnic. Don’t forget to make a stop on your way to  the newly renovated fescue lawns of Guild Hall, the tranquil Longhouse Reserve or to Montauk Point State Park.

Buy fresh produce, gourmet snacks, and a bottle of wine from specialty stores or farmers’ markets. We also recommend the spring rolls from Fusion Express in East Hampton and the Ayurvedic meals from Corey de Rosa’s Tapovana Lunch Box in Sag Harbor.

Sandals: Comfort and Style 

Loro Piana goatskin sandals, $920

East Hampton offers a wealth of outdoor activities, so it’s important to have the right footwear. Look for designs at stores like Shoe-Inn on Newtown Lane or Loro Piana just around the corner on Main Street. Both offer sandals with excellent arch support, cushioning, and adjustable straps. Then off you go to the beach, or to the dunes in Hither Hills State Park.

You can buy all the things you need in the Hamptons while you are in the Hamptons. Make sure you plan for an extra day, just in case it rains, a perfect excuse for shopping.