Polo Back in The Hamptons

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Polo Back in The Hamptons

For many years Polo was a welcome event in the Hamptons at Two Trees Farms. But that ended, until Maria Fishel and her husband, Ken gave us their beautiful grounds to host a Polo match. Social Life Magazine sponsored Polo with cover girl, designer, stylist and media leader Rachel Zoe on hand to host the party – no, she did not partake in Polo. The guy who made Polo happen in the Hamptons, Neil Hirsch, who was a very active player as well as team owner was on hand. He described this match as more fun than fierce competition. Neil told me that there is a surefire way to make a million dollars owning Polo ponies…”Start with ten million dollars and before you know it your pony is worth a million!” Social Life and the Fishels brought 600 guests to this event in spite of the hot weather. Maybe Polo will become a mainstay again in the Hamptons. Here is Kat’s Eye editor, Katlean de Monchy insider’s look at why iconic American designer Rachel Zoe loves to Summer in The Hamptons.

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