“Flowers create emotional atmospheres and boost mood.”

By Regina Kravitz, Health and Wellness Coach, Certified Personal Trainer

This summer, I attended a book signing at Out East gallery, Easthampton for Frederico Azevedo’s first book “Bloom: The Luminous Gardens of Frederico Azevedo” a spectacular coffee table compendium of his rich and dramatic work highlighting many of his East End commissions for waterfront gardens, completely green gardens, secluded romantic pauses and dramatic stone designs.

In full color photos, sections are divided into featured elements as Border, Stone, Water, etc. to illustrate the way Azevedo develops natural design and breathtaking compositions. I was so impressed by the experience of seeing his work, that I gave it as a gift to well-known East End architect, Preston Phillips, also a sophisticated horticulturist.

Azevedo, a native of Brazil, and founder of his own Bridgehampton firm, “Unlimited Earth Care” has been creating lush sustainable and site-specific landscapes for 26 years. The spectacular outdoor surroundings and landscapes of so many Easthampton homes is one of the defining and most alluring aspects of life out East. Azevedo has put his magic touch on many of them!

A sensualist and artist using nature and landscapes as his canvas, Azevedo poetically says of his lifelong journey,

“There is really no greater pleasure or luxury than living with flowers. They just make you happy and are a powerful tool in creating a mood. Flowers have an edge of fantasy that I use to construct stronger, more emotional atmospheres. They charge the landscape with life and whether the season, attract beautiful visitors like bees and butterflies. My philosophy for natural design is all about color and intention.”

As a wellness coach and long-time devotee of using flower remedies, I have recommended Dr. Edward Bach’s Rescue Remedy to reduce stress and promote sleep to clients.

I asked Azevedo about his thoughts and use of “healing flowers”. He incorporates many traditional medicinal plants such as Echinacea, a native to the US and used by Native Americans and today to fight colds and strengthen the immune system.

“Echinacea has a burnt orange center and fuchsia petals which make a stunning complement to spiked flowers. I use it to bring color to gardens of white flowers, like Shasta daisies which can also be used to fight inflammation and reduce fever”.

The phrase “Please don’t eat the daisies.” is likely more than a joke! Lavender, a very popular darling of au courant relaxation and beauty treatments is also copiously present in Azevedo’s gardens. Lavender can be dried and used in anything from sachets to sleep potions under your pillow.

For further information on healing flowers and their use, I refer you to the Bach Flower Remedies, which I have personally used for years for anxiety, a trip to the dentist and also recommended for an over anxious pet. All are available in health food stores and a lot of fun to learn about and explore!!

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