The concept seemed to be “Let the kids have their fun.” Kids meaning anyone under 40, maybe 50. The grown-ups would be the ones who could sit still the next night, July 15, for the boring stuff. The awards, the sit-down dinner, the long dresses. But on Saturday night, at the Parrish Museum, it was, pardon us while we consult our lexicography, Br0nz3 G0dd3ss on the turntable. Also, they could contribute to the celebration of the Parrish Art Museum’s 125th birthday year.

Br0nz3 G0dd3ss (photo David Benthal BFA NYC)

The director of the Parrish Art Museum, Monica Ramirez Montegat, was there and having a great time with her sister, Teresa Ramirez-Montegat, the director of Regeneron at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center at Cornell University.

Some of the names will be new to our readers so let’s meet them. Larry Milstein, the co-founder of PRZM, a consulting firm offering Gen-Z perspectives, is one of the trustees of the Parrish and should be familiar.

Ivy Getty, Larry Milstein (photo David Benthal BFA NYC)

Di Mondo was once called the most photographed man in New York, a self-styled street icon with 300,000 followers on Instagram. That was then.

Di Mondo, Ivy Getty, Alexander Hankin (photo David Benthal BFA NYC)

The artist Ivy Getty, 26, is the great-granddaughter of John Paul Getty. Her father was John Gilbert Getty, who stood to inherit the Getty oil fortune, but died in 2020 at age 52. Her grandfather, Gordon Getty, said to be worth $5.5 billion, is 89 years old.

Lilah Ramzi, Guest, Ivy Getty, Larry Milstein, Brian Drost (photo David Benthal BFA NYC)

Ivy Getty was the co-chair of the dance with Larry Milstein. Alexander Hankin is a real estate developer and art philanthropist.

Serena Bancroft, Deborah Bancroft, Will Bancroft (photo David Benthal BFA NYC)

Lilah Ramzi has been an editor at Vogue magazine for ten years and had a career in arts administration before that. Brian Drost is the CEO and founder of Drost development.

Teresa Ramirez Montegat and Monica Ramirez Montegat (photo David Benthal BFA NYC)

Debbie Bancroft is a familiar face on the social circuit at a columnist for New York Social Diary. Her daughter Serena Bancroft is now a freelance writer for Town & Country, And her son, Will, is an investment advisor.