Friends of Valentino, including Emma Roberts, Candance Bushnell, Ashley Rous, Coco Bassey, Charlotte Groeneveld, and Sarah Hoover celebrated the Valentino Escape 2023 capsule collection at the home of Maria Fishel and Ken Fishel in Bridgehampton.

The Fishels — son Bradley, Maria and Ken. (Photo BFA / Sabrina Steck)

Guests were transported to the Italian Riviera with the classic red and white sunbeds, umbrellas, lemon trees and a beach cabin.

Emma Roberts (Photo BFA / Sabrina Steck)

The welcoming scene was visited by Emma Roberts, who has become a something of a Valentino brand ambassador, turning up at events in Valentino and often seen at Valentino shows.

The loop print seems to be the one that pops this summer, on slides, bathing suits, bags, light-weight caftans and tops. Several of the guests, including the popular fashion blogger Charlotte Groeneveld and the cultural commentator Sarah Hoover, wore loop-print garb. Candace Bushnell also wore a Valentino print.

Charlotte Groeneveld, Candance Bushnell, Sarah Hoover (Photo BFA / Sabrina Steck)

Maria Fishel was resplendent in pink Valentino with matching purse.


Amy Green, walking by some Valentino Panther prints from the 2023 Escape collection. ((Photo BFA / Sabrina Steck)

Other guests included Amy Green, the philanthropist and owner of Green Gardens and other fashion influencers and internet bloggers, Ashley Rous and Coco Bassey.

Maria Fishel with Daniel Paltridge, CEO for Valentino, Americas (Photo BFA / Sabrina Steck)

Before the seated lunch in the backyard, guests sipped cocktails by the pool and shopped the collection.

It was a delightful afternoon from all accounts.