Architect Provocateur Peter Marino swung by the Southampton Arts Center Saturday with a crowd in tow, dressed in his trademark biker gear he stood out as a bastion of individuality appropriately heralding the presentation by the Innovators of the East End who were there to talk about fresh solutions for better wellbeing and share the tools to bring out beauty from within.  Looking to empower themselves with the scoop on the latest in beauty, fitness and wellness,  Maria Fischel, Joan Horning, Caroline Gang, Designer Joanna Mastroianni, Leesa Rowland, Jane Pontarelli, Ruth Miller, Betsie Bremer, Elyn Kroenmeyer, Leiba Nesis, and a host of other influencers, turned out at the invitation of innovation scout Katlean de Monchy.

Neuro-scientist and top NYC Dermatologist, Dr. Erin Gilbert, was on hand to talk about synergies notably between bioactive collagen peptides with bamboo-extracted silicon two of the 14 ingredients that interact together beautifully in AETHERN skin nutrition, the event’s sponsor.  ATHERN is the go-to beauty boost for Academy Award-winning actress Cate Blanchett, a loyal fan of this nutraceutical, the first and only one backed by clinical trials.

Co-founder of Water Mill’s Five Pillars Yoga, Karen Mehiel, spoke to the mindfulness practicing yoga brings, sharing the spiritual and mental benefits of yoga practice as well as the physical.  Long committed to leadership for women and environmentally sustainable business practices, Mehiel discovered yoga three years ago.  She explained that yoga is about “cultivating kindness and compassion to others and to oneself,” a message that speaks to inner strength and beauty.

They call her “The Terminator,” actually “The Terminator meets Sex and The City,” why? Because MaryAnn Browning’s clients know she is relentless (but not without a little levity) when it comes to helping them reshape their bodies; she’s the personal trainer presently transforming Good Day New York’s Rosanna Scotto.  According to Browning, whose Southampton studio, Brownings Fitness, is the Hamptons’ power workout destination forcelebs and CEO’s, even skinny girls can be fat; it’s muscle mass that counts not just the pounds on the scale.

The first gathering of Innovators of The East End proved artful for all, demonstrating the beauty of taking care of yourself with a fun, fresh approach.  After all, to quote Peter Marino, without a doubt an innovative force, “Thinking out-of-the-box goes along with dressing out-of-the-box and living out-of-the-box.”  Words to live by under the guidance of Katlean de Monchy’s Innovators.

By: Lori Zelenko

Photos by: Lenny Stucker

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