Pop-ups, just by nature of the name, sound like fun. Something new, not here for long, so better hurry on over to see what it’s all about. Sometimes, they sell tickets to visit pop-ups, in limited quantities, generating a feverish buzz.

Were you one of the lucky few who got to take the perfect IG shot at the Ice Cream Museum? In most likelihood, you are awaiting your glorious moment of immersion in the tantalizing pink milieus of Rose Mansion while it lasts…

East Hampton is replete with pop-ups each season, some pop for longer than others. From a business perspective, it’s a great way to test the retail waters, mitigate the risks of seasonality while generating brand interest and hype. So, who has popped up in town thus far for the summer? I ventured into a couple of them and formed some hasty impressions, but I’ve only scratched the surface, as there are many more waiting for me to cross their ephemeral doorsteps.

After my favorite breakfast at Babette’s, I strolled next door to Fresh Produce. Fresh Produce is a store from California. I usually have an immediate, pretty visceral reaction when I walk into a store. My first impression of Fresh Produce, was that of a generic beach resort store selling brightly colored beachwear.

Then I realized that some of the lines have a specific purpose, and though the connection wasn’t immediately apparent, it was clear that the merchandise was designed to appeal to a varied and inclusive audience.

Fresh Produce Images:

While there are items of interest to a more mature audience, I saw the Pura Vida bracelets, which is a distinctly millennial brand and maybe even younger. There is Coolibar which is sun protective clothing. There is KUT, a brand that defines itself by its social conscience and high ethical standards which is admirable.

I found Pool to Party on the racks, a brand present in abundance at Nordstrom and other mainstream retailers. Fresh Produce has a proprietary brand, and then Oofos footwear – good for you shoes also with a social conscience. Though it may not be clear who their target market is, the very friendly sales associate explained that many people in town are familiar with the brand; I hope there are enough of them to keep things ‘popping’.

Deciding that I didn’t want to spend the entire beautiful beach day perusing stores, I stopped by one more, Stoney Clover. They call themselves an everyday lifestyle brand which makes sense since the place is full of vivid pastel colors, sparkles, bubble letters and happy, peppy people. If you are looking for any kind of tote, case, travel bag, pouch, backpack in a candy color with patches of graphics or letters of your choice – this store is unsurpassed in possibilities. It could also be the ultimate gift emporium if this is someone’s inclination.

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