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Ali Weiss Jewelry x Blue & Cream Piercing Party
East Hampton, NY
July 29th and July 30th from 12pm – 7pm
Complimentary piercing with purchase

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About Ali Weiss Jewelry
Ali Weiss has loved jewelry for as long as she can remember. Years before starting her own business, Ali worked closely with her jeweler to make custom pieces for her personal collection. After a chance meeting with designer Helen Ficalora, Ali decided to follow her passion and officially began her career in the jewelry world. As Ali worked alongside Helen, she quickly learned the ins and outs of the business and design process. After a few years, Ali started creating her own pieces. In 2005 Ali Weiss Jewelry was born.

Today, the brand consists of 14K pieces that range from $125 – $6,000. While Ali designs fine jewelry, she believes in creating pieces that can be worn everyday. Her designs go with everything. You never have to take them off and hide them in a safe. Ali herself is known for her maximalist jewelry style and can often be seen covered in her pieces from head to toe. She loves the idea of diamonds with sweatpants – something she has been donning long before the world of athleisure took off. From asymmetrical ear-scapes to layers of chains and necklaces, Ali’s style embodies the brand’s mantra of “No Rules, Anything Goes.”

In September of 2021, Ali Weiss Jewelry opened their first store and piercing bar in Armonk, New York. As someone born and raised in New York, Ali jumped on the opportunity to bring the popularity of ear piercing to the town she knows and loves. She hired her own piercer, Keri D’Angelo, to ensure a safe and easy piercing experience for anyone who comes into the store. Keri and Ali both deeply value their clients’ safety, and would never put someone at risk just to make a sale. Ali and her team are committed to showing their customers the fun and edgy side of jewelry. They’ve found great success at their store and through trunk shows and pop-ups across the country. This summer, Blue and Cream will be hosting Ali and her team for their fourth annual pop up event together. Ali Weiss Jewelry will be there on July 29th and July 30th from 12pm – 7pm and are offering a complimentary piercing with any earring purchase. You can book your appointment here.

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