Saturday night, July 15, at Gwyneth Paltrow’s place in Amagansett, there was a sit-down dinner for friends, some estimate more than the official count of 30, including Jimmy Fallon, Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld, Aerin Lauder, Elizabeth Saltzman, Dr. Julius Few (Paltrow’s frequent guest in her videos), Jessica Capshaw and Daphne Oz. It was a chance to announce a new Goop product — Youth Boost Peptide Serum — and to showcase one of the Gucci’s co-op outfits, worn by Paltrow.

This was one of Gucci co-ops more tasteful prints, and if you don’t believe us, trot on down to Mytheresa, open only for two more weeks at the Summer Body Shop, and just look at the others. Paltrow and Gucci have had a longtime relationship, so we’re sure they let her choose.

Apple Martin, 19, Gwyneth Paltrow, 50, and Blythe Danner, 80; daughter, mother and grandmother (Instagram)

Food was from Gucci Osteria, and the chef is surprisingly young. The real news at the party was the appearance of Paltrow’s teenage children, Apple, 19, and Hugo, 17, the daughter and son she had with Chris Martin. She and Martin, the front man for Cold Play  were married for 11 years.

It’s easy to forget that Paltrow, is old enough, at age 50, to have been married to one man for that long, been engaged to Brad Pitt, dated Ben Affleck and Luke Wilson, and is still friends with all of them. She married Brad Falchuck, the co-creator of “Glee,” in 2019. They met in 2014, when she played a teacher on the show. In addition to her successful acting career, she has turned Goop, a private company that she founded in 2008 as a newsletter, into a $250 million lifestyle brand.

Brad Falchuk and Gwyneth Paltrow: Youth Boost Peptide Serum must work (Instagram)

You can’t laugh at successes like that in a personal and professional life, accomplished with such grace and ease. Has this woman ever made a misstep?

She and Martin are co-parents to their children, who have not overdosed or been arrested for speeding or drunk driving. Moses has learned to play the piano and is now learning the guitar. He has sat in with some rock bands, helped, of course by his father.

Paltrow with her son with Chris Martin, at sea (Instagram)

Martin, Paltrow and their children all seem to have eye color somewhere in the color of the sea. Both teens have had good educations and are being given all the right contacts. Nepo Babes X 10 for whatever they want to do.

Someone seems to have taught Apple Martin, who is said to be wearing a black minidress from Goop in the above photo, undoubtedly tailored to her figured, how to pose for the camera. A career in something relevant might be ahead, but she did not begin modeling in Paris at age 14, another credit to her sensible mother.

— Linda Lee

Linda Lee is a former writer and editor at The New York Times.