Kat’s Eye by Katlean DeMonchy

When I was a columnist for Dan’s Papers one of my favorite assignments was the Saturday afternoon Polo matches at Two Trees Farms in Bridgehampton.

Getting a ticket to the VIP tent was truly a wanted gift. Why? More about who was there than who was playing. The teams were funded by wealthy celebrities who also played, like Wall Street technologist Neil Hirsch and publisher Peter Brant, although the most famous player was the gorgeous Nacho Figueras. But the celebrities really made the day. “Who was there?” was always the question.

I remember Chris Rock doing some off-center comedy for the crowd, NBA Pro Dwayne Wade with his wife and a few teammates, and Pro QB Tom Brady picking up my then little daughter Emily.

It appears that Polo is making a comeback. With the support of Maria and Ken Fishel, matches are at it again and this week Christie Brinkley was the celebrity and cover girl/woman.

Ken Fishel, MariaFishel, Christie Brinkley, Bradley Fishel. Photo credit: Rob Rich / Society Allure

“I think it’s amazing to see the horses and the riders galloping around. They are so passionate, and I love activities that bring people together, especially when it brings people outside. Polo is a beautiful combination of these two things. Being outside, watching horses, enjoying the summer day, and being part of a tradition are things I enjoy.”

A burning question still is “Who Won?” the answer is still “who knows?”

Photo Credit: Katlean de Monchy