See what Hampton Celebs Beyoncé, Kelly Ripa, and J. Lo Do to Get Party Ready
(a five-part series that requires little or no equipment)

By Regina Kravitz, ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Style Coach

Continuation of 5-part series:

#3 Bare summer looks need a great looking back

How would you like to rock your teres major, latissimus dorsi, or infraspinatus fascia? DUH!

These are the muscles around and below your shoulder blades, which are part of the back system that help to shape a coveted V silhouette. Obviously, the whole back is a network of intertwined muscles that work with one another to support your spine and health wise, should be strengthened through correct exercise.

East Hamptonites play golf, tennis and outdoor sports and garden not to mention grabbing a cool cocktail from a passing tray at a social gathering.

Gravity pulls skin down, and unless you are a swimmer or rower who functionally uses your scapula and side laterals, you probably have under developed muscles in this area.

While it is important to accept our body image the way it is, a strong back and erect posture are huge indicators of fitness and health and are damn attractive!

For any back pain, consult a medical doctor. L4 and L5 are the biggest culprits and these below may not necessarily be the exercises you should be doing.

2 sets, 10-15 reps depending on weight load generally applies to all.

Seated Rows:

Sit erect on bench with knees bent. This is not a waist movement and many people do it wrong. Avoid letting the weight pull your torso forward, ballistically rounding the back. It is an isolation movement.

The idea is to use bent arms to retract your shoulder blades and then let the weight pull your straight arms forward keeping your torso in a straight line the whole time. End your set with 10 quick half pulses to exhaust the muscle.

Upright Rows:

This classic move involves a straight table top position with bent knee on a bench or ledge.

Straddle the bench with the other leg behind you. Make sure your head is aligned with your straight back. Pull weight up, aiming your elbow towards the ceiling, then lower to floor letting the weight down with a graceful straight arm. Don’t collapse your body into a rounded back.

Standing Rows with Body Bar:

Same principal except you are standing. With straight back, angled forward but not “table top”, knees soft, pull the body bar up just below your chest. Release down and pull up again. Control it. No flopping around.

All back exercises also challenge your core! I love using balls and small equipment to de-mystify a movement making it more understandable and portable.

Lateral Rotations:

Stand erect, feet shoulder width apart. With body bar on your shoulders, rotate side to side, keeping feet in stable position. Pull in and tighten your core isometrically. For more resistance, hold a weighted ball straight in front, at shoulder level and rotate side to side.


These are fun! Bring a weighted ball or medicine ball overhead with soft straight arms. Literally slam down to the opposite side, alongside your foot. Catch and repeat overhead to the other side. Great for getting out aggression! Slam hard 10-15x.


Anyone can do this anywhere and working on the flat floor gives you more support. Mimic swimming with straight arm in front and opposite leg in conjunction. See you on the beach!!

Motivation motto: Workout for a better brain!!

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