Five Annoying Body Parts That Really Show in Summer

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Five Annoying Body Parts That Really Show in Summer

See what Hampton Celebs Beyoncé, Kelly Ripa, and J. Lo Do to Get Party Ready
(a five-part series that requires little or no equipment)

By Regina Kravitz, ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Style Coach


Triceps are the biggest bummer for many women at any age. This muscle is not typically used in everyday functional movement, so it can become flabby and lose tone early on. Yo-yo dieting can also cause what is horribly called “bat wings”. However, you can improve tone and flexibility at any age!

Triceps need to be exhausted before the benefit of the exercise kicks in. Form is extremely important or you will not accomplish much!

Stand up straight, shoulders back, chest up. Place feet shoulder width apart (never lock your knees). When you are working even a single muscle group, you are also activating core.

Want arms like Kelly Ripa? Then try these:

Downward Dog Push Up:

Do a downward dog in the traditional straight-arm position with butt up, THEN lower yourself down to the floor by bending your elbows. Repeat till failure.

Incline Pushup on Step or Bench:

Make sure your platform is stable and supports your weight. As if you are doing a push up with knees crossed and bent, lower your body to bent elbows and quickly push yourself up to straight arms, clapping on the return and back to the bench again.

And you can do these anywhere, anytime:


This is a simple move anyone can do! Kick arms straight back and raise as high as you can without bending elbows. Make tight fists with thumbs pointing down. Imagine you are trying to hit a nail upwards in that position. Pulse up 20x-30x, in very small movements, 2 sets. Add 3 -5 lb. weights! If you target it correctly you will feel THE BURN!


Place hands in back of you on a stable bench or chair, close to your sides. Don’t sit. Flex at the elbow and either with bent knees or straight legs, lower your butt to the floor and up again. For double duty, squeeze a weighted ball in your inner thighs or, if legs are straight, place a 5-10 lb. weight in between your thighs. Do 15 dips at least 2x.

High Five Planks:

This plank variation engages almost all body parts, particularly core. However, this variation pumps arms and is fun to do. Hold the plank position and with a partner, bring your arm backwards at shoulder level then slap your partners palm. If you are working out alone, use a wall in front of you. This is an awesome maneuver for the entire upper body.

Remember, committing to workout is even harder than the workout itself.

Our next nemesis: KNEES!

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Regina Kravitz

Regina Kravitz

Regina Kravitz is a multi-certified personal trainer and style coach. After a long and successful career as a fashion designer and successful entrepreneur combined with her long-time passion for health and fitness, Regina is the ideal trainer for clients seeking a highly personalized and motivational approach to fitness and nutrition. She is bringing her experience and humor to a weekly column on about all things fitness, diet, beauty and looking and feeling your best.


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