See what Hampton Celebs Beyoncé, Kelly Ripa, and J. Lo Do to Get Party Ready
(a five-part series that requires little or no equipment)

By Regina Kravitz, ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Style Coach

Continuation of 5-part series:

#2 Knees are not glamorous

East Hampton summers give us plenty of reasons to not only strengthen our knees for sports and outdoor living but also cosmetically for parties, barbecues and best summer outfits.

Knees are not particularly the most naturally esthetic part of the human anatomy, prone to dimples, sagging, lumps and other unalluring adjectives. However, they are the pivotal joint in articulating movement of the lower leg relative to the thigh, called flexion and extension.

The knee joint manages side to side movement obviously of major importance in tennis, golf, dancing, but also sitting and standing. Synovial fluid surrounds the knee cap as a lubricant and when this starts to evaporate, we can experience excruciating pain. Consistent knee focused exercises bring blood to the area, pumping the muscle to change shape.

The quadricep or front of thigh is the mover of the knee area. However, the object is to work the entire leg, glute and core to firm the lower body.

Hamptonites J. Lo and Beyoncé, as well as Kim Kardashian do intense lower body work outs, which delivers a round, high butt and totally depends on strong knee engagement.

Like dancers, they know movement in plie position burns the quads and glutes and relies on strong knee joints.

You can start with simple exercises and daily routines which will improve knee and leg strength and enhance tone.

#1 Stair Climbing:

Everyone has access to stairs. Start walking up them whenever you can with strong straight posture.

#2: Pool Walking:

Lots of pools in East Hampton, for sure!! Get some ski poles and walk the pool, shoulder height in the water. This can be exhausting and has terrific resistance for arms, core and calorie burning! 4 to 5 times back and forth, 2-3 sets.

#3 Calf Raises:

Specific attention to calves is not usually a part of a gym or studio routine. knee shapers. Dancers have curved calves because they consistently alternate between toe elevations to heel. Holding something for support, roll onto your toes, hold, then back to your heels. Advance to bent knee position for more resistance.

#4 Plie pulses on your toes:

Hold onto a bar or stationary chair. Turn toes out, Heels can either touch or be 10-12” apart. This sumo position particularly hits the side muscle of your butt and gives a full shape. I do a lot of these and so do visible celebrities in our current “glute centric” body focus. Elevate on your toes. Heels up! Plie and stay in that position. Pulse up and down with small, tight movements. 10-20x 2 sets. Stay tight!

#5 Leg Extensions with weighted bar.

Placing the bar on your shoulders, with straight torso, bend your leg and side cross like a chorus line. Bring leg back to starting side about a foot wide. Initially lightly tap the floor with toe but as you get stronger, do not let your toe touch the floor and bring back to cross body. Excellent full leg workout optimizing core….and fun! 20 each side 2x sets

For cardio, opt for the elliptical if you are accustomed to upright machines. There is less stress on the knee.

Inspirational Motto: You don’t need to spend hours in the gym. Be efficient.

A small workout for a long life!

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Regina Kravitz

Regina Kravitz

Regina Kravitz is a multi-certified personal trainer and style coach. After a long and successful career as a fashion designer and successful entrepreneur combined with her long-time passion for health and fitness, Regina is the ideal trainer for clients seeking a highly personalized and motivational approach to fitness and nutrition. She is bringing her experience and humor to a weekly column on about all things fitness, diet, beauty and looking and feeling your best.