Ready to get bootylicious for beach days ahead?  We asked celebrity trainer Kacy Duke (she’s been dubbed the Michelangelo of Fitness by Lenny Kravitz so we know she knows what sculpting really means!) Julianne Moore, Gwen Stefani, Rita Ora, Maxwell, and Denzel Washington are just a handful of the Hollywood names who swear by her workouts.


Her go-to booty routine? Booty Lift Lunges. No equipment necessary just find a rock or even a kitchen chair will do.  Start with upright lunges then move seamlessly into rocking lunges – reach down to touch your toes and then back up again. Start with 4 of each move, work up to 12 before changing legs. Tone your glutes and your hamstrings to look swimsuit-sleek. Bikini or Tank this is the ultimate beach-ready boost for the booty.