The F-Factor Diet Introduces New Food and Apps


Counting points, counting carbs, pre-made meals, intermittent fasting, wrapping yourself in Saran Wrap (yes, really)… every other day, it seems, a new and “better” diet barges onto your screen. It can get frustrating and discouraging to try to find which diet really works. It’s easy to want to throw it to the wind and hang out with your buddies Ben And Jerry. Enter Tanya Zuckerbrot, MS, RD, to help save the day. She is here to tell us that the key to a successful diet may is, wait for it, eating!

You’ve probably used the “F-word” when you can’t stick to healthy eating habits (among other curse words). Zuckerbrot has taken that “F” and changed it’s meaning: to fiber. So, how does it work? The diet focuses on combining lean proteins with high-fiber carbohydrates, which are low in calories and keep you full throughout the day. It’s different from other diets because you don’t have to cut out food groups like carbs, fats or even alcohol. “It’s not realistic to completely avoid a food or ingredient because no matter what you try to cut out — sugar, dairy, wheat, alcohol, meat, etc. — the restriction often leads to craving it more,” Zuckerbrot explained.

She released her book ten years ago, and has since realized that the “F” in F-Factor stands for more than just “ ber.” “F stands for “free- dom,” She says, “On F-Factor, you have the freedom to dine out for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, anywhere and everywhere. You have the freedom to eat carbs and even enjoy cocktails from Day 1. And since F-Factor doesn’t require you to spend hours at the gym for results, you also get a lot of free time back. F-Factor isn’t just about adding years to your life (which it does, as ber has been linked to longevity!), but about adding life to your years.”

Now, in addition to providing a program, recipes, support, and product recommendations, Zuckerbrot has added two very exciting additions: the F-Factor app and F-Factor food line. The F-Factor app helps you keep a diet journal, track net carbs and fiber intake to ensure you are burning fat for fuel, track progress, and get restaurant and menu recommendations. F-Factor food includes bars and powders that are soy-free, non-GMO and kosher!

Here are a few of her tips for improving your diet:

1. Fill up on fiber-rich foods.
Enjoy the crudité: Treat high-fiber, non-starchy vegetables as free foods. Examples include artichokes, hearts of palm, spinach and peppers. Fiber helps combat bloating by increasing transit time in your stomach, adding bulk to stool and keeping you regular, Zuckerbrot noted. When increasing your fiber intake, make sure to drink lots of water since soluble fiber holds onto water (aim for 8-12 cups per day.)

2. Indulge, but with three bites.
Everyone needs a little sweetness in his or her diet. You can enjoy any indulgence by following the three bite rule, meaning you only get three bites of the indulgent item — which allows you to enjoy the food without wreaking havoc on your diet. The first and the last bite of any food is the most satisfying and enjoyable. Three bites gives you a first, a middle, and a last, which is really all you need — no more than that is needed to be fully satiated. Disclaimer: Be sure to choose your indulgences wisely — this does NOT work if you have three bites of every dessert.

3. Don’t cut out food groups.
A well-balanced diet should include all food groups: protein, fat and carbs. The key is to eat certain foods in moderation, especially when it comes to animal and saturated fats. Instead, learn how to balance your dietary intake, and find a combination that works best for you.
With the help of the F-Factor diet and new additions, you will be able to set attainable goals and monitor your progress without getting overwhelmed in the process. Tanya Zuckerbrot has created an easy to follow and proven lifestyle system that will bring you results and help you get over those diet hurdles. You will be set up for success (and no more cursing!) with the right F-word, and The F-Factor.

To find out more about The F-Factor, check out their site.


By Adrianne Frost