Change your body, change your life is the mantra of Mary Ann Browning whose Brownings Fitness Method is a training method that utilizes cardio, strength training, and proper nutrition to make the difference that has heads turning and compliments flowing. Says her now newly transformed client Rosanna Scotto everyone is asking “what have you done to yourself? how much weight did you lose?” It’s Browning’s individualized approach, an exclusive combination of addressing both food and exercise, that’s gets a body noticed. She makes it possible to build muscle in places you don’t have muscle, and burn fat in places you do have fat. Though like the Terminator, Browning may encourage you to move out of your comfort zone, like a character from Sex and The City she does make it fun. Katlean de Monchy interviews this trainer to the business elite and celebrities including Vera Wang and Candice Bergen, getting her not only to share her personal fitness preferences – “golf, golf, golf” and biking from Bridgehampton to Sag Harbor – but also her favorite places and pastimes in the Hamptons from popping in – very randomly as she never has time – to charming little shops on Main Street in East Hampton to enjoying a leisurely lunch of freshly grilled Bronzino. Usually working 17-hour days, it’s a more balanced life that she hopes for in the future; time for all the healthy pleasures she encourages her high-powered and equally time-constrained clients to enjoy.

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